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OK. I have successfully obtained some web hosting with Arvixe Web Hosting, and made the site work. Both firsts. Next up will be some additional customization, as I become more familiar witht he web development environment. Here goes nothing . . .

If you found your way here at this point, there is not much to see or read yet. I plan to change that soon!


Posted on July 30 2011 04:55 PM by jatten     

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My name is John Atten, and my "handle" on many of my online accounts is xivSolutions. I am Fascinated by all things technology and software development. I work mostly with C#, JavaScript/Node, and databases of many flavors. Actively learning always. I dig web development. I am always looking for new information, and value your feedback (especially where I got something wrong!). You can email me at:

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